• Sherwood Park Tiger Taekwondo is a certified Kukkiwon Do-jang that focuses on teaching the traditional and modern aspects of Taekwondo in a safe and positive environment.  Our carefully designed programs includes teaching striking techniques, weapons, self-defense, sparring, poomsae, stunt training, and cardio classes.

  • The benefits from training at our gym is increasing health and wellness, fitness, self discipline, self confidence, and much more.

  • Our location boasts a 5000 square foot space with modern amenities including yoga classes, free Wi-Fi, workout room, viewing area, and cardio classes for parents. Come by for a free tour and check us out!









Here at Sherwood Park Tiger Taekwondo, our main goal is to teach the art and philosophies of taekwondo while at the same time provide opportunities to promote health, wellness, and self-defense for all individuals. This will naturally result in improvements to daily active living. In order to achieve our goal, we utilize different teaching strategies to accommodate the diverse learning needs of each individual. Our programs are carefully designed to cater to the specific needs of clients in order to enhance knowledge retention regardless of age and fitness level. It is with these specific learning goals in mind that we are able to assist any individual in achieving their learning objectives. Whether it is children, adults, or a family, we are sure you will have a positive and fun experience!!

Children Programs

Our children programs are specifically designed to introduce, build, and advance skills in taekwondo in a structured yet positive, safe, and fun environment. At Sherwood Park Tiger Taekwondo we teach a variety of taekwondo skills including: kicking, punching, sparring, and self-defense. Our goal is to provide children with the necessary skills to help build a positive, safe, and respectable lifestyle while at the same time maintaining a healthy and active way of life.

From developing bone structure, growing muscle tone, to enhancing cognitive and perceptual ability, the environment that children are exposed to at a young age can have a dramatic impact on the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is important to choose a taekwondo gym that understands this important developmental process. At Sherwood Park Tiger Taekwondo, we understand the importance of providing a consistent yet energetically fun and motivating environment. This atmosphere helps to maintain a positive learning experience for each child. Our instructors are not only patient in applying a variety of learning strategies but also understand the cognitive and physical barriers that may be present during this critical developmental stage. The benefits of engaging in physical activity at such a young age can have numerous positive impacts such as:

• Improved Self Confidence
• Increased Self Discipline
• Improved Grades in School
• Bullying Prevention
• Increased Focus
• Positive Energy Expenditure
• Increased Fitness
• Improved Balance and Coordination
• Come try us out and meet our instructor’s with two free complimentary taekwondo lessons!

Adult Programs

At Sherwood Park Tiger, we offer a diverse adult training atmosphere that welcomes all adults regardless of fitness level and age. Training in Taekwondo is a great way to increase cardiovascular health and fitness in an exciting and dynamic atmosphere rather than going to the gym, which can be static and boring. Furthermore, our programs allow for individualized training programs, which can be executed in a dynamic group environment so everyone can train at their own pace.

This is especially important for adults because what we do in our daily lives whether it be at work, home, or during leisure hours has shaped our biomechanical system. In other words: our posture, the way we walk, our muscle tone, and even our ability to relax have all been uniquely shaped by the environment we have been exposed to. It is this key factor that dictates the importance of individualized programs.  These programs also benefit adults with previous or current injuries. Due to the wide diversity of exercises that can be included in Taekwondo, programs can be specialized to strengthen muscles, rehabilitate injuries, and help prevent future injuries while yet maintaining a fun and exciting form of exercise. Come try us out or join with your family, your decision with be a positive experience with many benefits such as:

• Improved Health and Wellness
• Reduced Blood Pressure
• Stress Relief
• Weight Loss
• Improved Fitness
• Increased Muscle Gain
• Improved Cardiovascular Health
• Assists in Rehabilitation of injuries prior/present
• Increased Productivity and energy level at home and at work
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